#HeyFeez, where have you been?

Hiya, folks!

These past few months have been very disorganized for me. Between work, life, and all else in between, I’ve been out of balance. Some good has come in the interim, however:

APRIL: I attended a panel on “Authenticity, Sensitivity, Voice & Appropriation in Writing” hosted by the Austin Film Festival (AFF) and the Writer’s Guild of America East (WGAE). It was so enlightening! See my favorite tweet of that experience here.

At the panel, I met an amateur screenwriter who invited me to her weekly writer’s group. (If you don’t already know, I am an aspiring [but not yet practicing] screenwriter). I went, and it really was nice to sit with a community of friends exchanging stories, ideas, and helping each other grow as writers. I think when the times comes, I would like for this group to workshop some of my own writing — if I ever get around to it! I still attend the group when I’m able.

MAY: I finally took a tour of the New York Film Academy’s (NYFA) downtown campus and decided to apply to their 12-week filmmaking program. I start in September!! πŸ˜€ This is the first major step I’ve taken in advancing my filmmaking/screenwriting dreams to a closer reality. Classes run M-T-Th and shooting takes place on the weekends. I will write, direct, and produce up to 3 short films (2-10 mins on avg) by the end of the course. It’s such an exciting and anxious time for me – I really hope I do well!

JUNE: It was time to look for a new apartment, preferably on my own. I’d been living with roommates since I moved to NYC three years ago and though it’s better for rent, it’s not always easy living with strangers. Luck be a lady, I found the most perfect 2-bedroom apartment in the most convenient location for my commute. I moved on June 29th, and now I’m happily spending my days settling in and getting the apartment ready for guests. The party’s here! πŸ™‚

JULY: Lastly, rather, most recently, I connected with the Director of Emerging Media at Black Public Media (BPM) to volunteer for their upcoming Virtual Reality (VR) Mixer on July 17th. More on that here!

And now that July is here, I plan to get back to the movies, back to the reviews. Back to a sustainable work-life balance. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following my blog. Stay tuned, there is better content yet to come!

Yours truly,

Feez ❀


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