Amazon Ad-Supported Streaming Service

Amazon is reportedly developing a free, ad-supported video streaming service

An article appearing on TechSpot discusses Amazon’s latest plans to add a new, free, ad-supported service to consumers available outside of Prime offerings. Sources say the content will include back catalogs from TV and movie studios, with an emphasis on children’s programming, travel, lifestyle, and cooking shows.

It’s a bit backwards, no? Amazon is already in direct competition with Netflix and Hulu in the streaming race – both of which employ subscription only models (Hulu getting rid of it’s original “classic” free streaming service in 2016), not to mention Hulu’s introduction of ad-free streaming at the behest of complaining customers curious why their monthly subscriber fees to still results in commercials. (Netflix was always ad-free).

The TechSpot article posits that Amazon could use this new service as a way to introduce and upsell new customers to its premium Prime video service. Lol, as if Amazon really needs an introduction – amiright, Krang?

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